Ruff Stuff Daily Body Scrub

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Ruff Stuff Daily Body Scrub er en 100% naturlig, og vegan vennlig kroppskrubb, laget spesielt for etterbehandling av huden etter voks behandling.

Kan brukes på hele kroppen,inkl sensitive områder som armhule og bikini området.

Brukes på fuktet hud.

Etterlater huden myk og fornyet.

**Original Mint has a fresh invigorating scent of peppermint against the subtle coconut backdrop. Peppermint essential oil is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and has long been used to relieve stress and mental fatigue. As with all the varieties, the coconut oil base is not just moisturising but naturally high in Vitamin E and Lauric acid which is both anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, perfect for skin protection.

**Herbal: A relaxing and soothing blend for both body and mind, with Rosemary, Sage and Bay. Rosemary can help to improve skin hydration and elasticity by increasing the blood flow to the surface of the skin; it is naturally antimicrobial and antiseptic. Sage and Bay both have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits as well as smelling divine!

**Citrus: It is an uplifting and subtle mix of citrus loveliness! Mandarin has a range of health benefits; it has been used for centuries to , improve circulation and remove toxins. Lemongrass and lemon oil can relieve stress and anxiety whilst also having powerful antiseptic properties. Citrus Blend can really help to lift your spirits in the morning!



 n.b. due to the size of the ruff stuff pots - these cannot be sent via brevpost